I carry a log--yes. Is it funny to you? (shinyredtype) wrote in stitchybitches,
I carry a log--yes. Is it funny to you?

Membership purge!

While we were figuring out a new meeting time and place, it seemed only appropriate to do a membership purge. Lots of people who joined the community a while ago have never actually attended, and if we're going to be doing potlucks at people's houses, we'd prefer not to be posting our addresses to 50 people we don't know.

So...if you want to stay in the community, please to be commenting here by Wednesday morning!

Kthxbye! :)
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I've made it a few times, just never when anyone else did. d'oh!
hopefully we'll be able to reverse that trend!
I tried to make it Sunday before last... I'd love to show when there're a bunch of people there. Keep me please; I need the inspiration to finish this eternal sweater o' mine.

There are just a lot of people who haven't commented ever, haven't showed ever, and we just want to make sure that the people here do actually want to play!
*raises hand* I'd -like- to stay :D
Bien sur!

I wouldn't dream of bahleeting you. :)
I will be there, or here cause I totally want to host!!
like we would delete you! <3
Just doin' what the lady said!!! I follow directions well...well most of the time!!
i'm just entertained that all the comments are from people we knew were still interested :) we could have purged all the folks who never commented/answered polls and saved ourselves time!
I no rite?!?
Gold star for you! And pie!
pick me, pick me!

oh... wait. nevermind.

Nobody answered my post because you guys freaked 'em all out with threats of bahleeshun. I feel no love. :(
ahaha oops.

*loves on you*
oh! we should do this!