sister mary jillian holtzmann (marginalia) wrote in stitchybitches,
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neither hullabaloo nor i will be at knitting this week. she has a going-away party for a coworker & i have been eaten by the film festival.
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garsh dangit!! Where are we meeting? Who is commin? I will be there!
it's up to you guys! be a leader! :D
I'd love to come. It would be infinitely easier for me to do so if we either [a]met in Queen Anne (my first choice, since that's my 'hood) or [b]met somewhere along the #2, 13, or 45 bus lines (the ones that run in front of my apartment) last I heard the regular location had been moved to the caffe vita in Cap. Hill, but I guess we can change that, if we want to.
We're gonna be at Spookygrrrly's tonight, but you can still feel free to come. She lives in Magnolia, which shouldn't be too bad for you to get to, but it's understandable if you don't want to come to someone's house to meet us.

but I promise, we're not evil. Just weird.
e-mail me the address so I can trip-planner it?


and no worries, I'm a bit weird, too :)
Talk to Sara. I've offered my apartment for the evening since Rob needs to study for his Japanese exam and won't be home. Sara is already babysitting Arwen while I'm at work.

Either way Sara is gonna call you guys and see what you think since I'll be at work all day and out of communication.
Dang SIFF.

Though your icon. Perfect.