Heatherann (princeshetheran) wrote in stitchybitches,

Can I Has Some?

Are we ever going to have Bitch again????
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when sam gets back, yesyes?
The 15th in the daytime???
probably, yeah. woo!
w00t!! There is a burlesque benefit that night that I can't miss and Aprils b-day is on the 14th... hope she can make it.... any idea's on where?
nope. i've given up, as everyone has hated every place i've come up with.
hmmmm I guess we could just take a poll.... I am for going back to El Diablo if its on sat in the afternoon time or I offer my awesome pad as a place to gather as well.
I am so up for el diablo, esp. if it's Tuesday and I can leave my wild child with the hubby-man, but other days I can confine him to the stroller because I am MEAN MOMMY(tm). I've been going to purlygirls at the Blue Star in Wallingford on Mondays, but it would be nice to be able to walk to bitch :)
I would love to come to wherever bitch is gonna be. I may not make it there until 6 'cause the 15th is my Saturday to work. Do you think you would still be there at 6?
I'm up for hanging out for a bit on the 15th. I get off work at 3pm. Depending on where we are going to meet up I can be there about 4ish?