Punctuated Equilibrium (eckstacie) wrote in stitchybitches,
Punctuated Equilibrium

Poll Reminder:

Alright peebles! There are 40 something members in this community and only 5 or so have filled out the poll!

If we're going to make a decision on when to meet, we're gonna need some more feedback. If you're thinking about joining us, even if you've never been, Please!, feel free to chime in!
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this is why i was tempted to do a membership purge. frankly, it skeeves me out to have us posting home addresses to all these anonymous people.
i agree. i think you should.
ok! I voted! I was holding back 'cause I live so very far away and was having issues over whether my opinion on the whole thing mattered or not.

you dork. once I-5 is fixed I'm gonna smack you around for that. EVERYONE'S opinion matters (well, if they want to come at all). That's the whole point of the poll!

and btw, I'm sooooo sorry that I didn't call you back yesterday. I was slammaed at work, then I forgot about it and left your number on my desk. Boo! I hope the movie was fun though!
See, I realized that I was being silly. That's why I voted :) But if you still wanna smack me around that could be negotiated ;)

I wish you had been able to go to the movie. It was sooo funny! Sorry you were swamped at work :(
thing is I'm no longer in Seattle, and chances are than when I visit I can just fit whatever evening into my time :)
<3 <3 <3
I did the pole! I am all for doing it at my house!!