Jen (jennnk) wrote in stitchybitches,

sock assistance

I'm doing a sock swap and my giftee has said that she has high arches. Somehow, the fact that she mentions this leads me to believe that it's important when knitting socks, but I can't find anything about it in any of my books or magazines. I'll continue looking online, but can anyone shed light on the issue for me? Oh, and I'd ask her what she usually does, but she's never knit socks before!
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When you have high arches it changes the instep size. To account for this you have to change the size of the leg not the gusset.

The pattern for the baudelaire sock has modifications for a high instep. You could see how they modified that pattern to give you an idea on how much you would have to modify your sock.
I was actually looking at the baudelaire sock just now! I think it looks like a great pattern, and I have 2 nice solid yarns that would show it off nicely, but she said she likes variegated yarn and I'm not sure how that would work...I suppose I could do the first repeat or three and see how it looks...socks are just big swatches anyway, right? lol
I actually made that sock out of some Koigu KPPM which was varigated. The sock looks really pretty but you don't really "see" the lace pattern. If the lace not being prominent is ok with you than go for it. But if you really want to notice the lace I'd wait and make it out of a solid yarn.